The Fast Smartphone Dominance

The Fast Smartphone Dominance

The Fast Smartphone Dominance - Contribute to global shipments of smartphones in the mobile phone (cell phone) is predicted to increase in 2013, two years earlier than previously estimated. It was driven by the advent of improved models are more sophisticated and unexpected strong urge to lower product costs.

Quoted from Cellular News, according to market research firm, IHS iSuppli, shipments of smartphones in 2013 is estimated to contribute 54 percent of the total mobile phone market, up from 46 percent in 2012 and 35 percent in 2011. Next year is expected to mark the first time that smartphones will contribute more than half of mobile phone shipments.

"This is a big improvement over last year's outlook, when it is expected to lead the smartphone was not until 2015," says senior analyst for wireless communications at IHS, Wayne Lam.

But over the last 12 months, said Lam, the many falling prices of smartphones, and more models available in the market, being hyper low-end smartphone sales in regions such as Asia Pacific, as well as midrange phones to hig-end in the United States and Europe.

"So solid expansion in smartphone shipments and market share this year will lead the handset for the first time., And double-digit shipment growth will continue through the next few years," he explained.

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