The Fast Smartphone Dominance

The Fast Smartphone Dominance

The Fast Smartphone Dominance - Contribute to global shipments of smartphones in the mobile phone (cell phone) is predicted to increase in 2013, two years earlier than previously estimated. It was driven by the advent of improved models are more sophisticated and unexpected strong urge to lower product costs.

Quoted from Cellular News, according to market research firm, IHS iSuppli, shipments of smartphones in 2013 is estimated to contribute 54 percent of the total mobile phone market, up from 46 percent in 2012 and 35 percent in 2011. Next year is expected to mark the first time that smartphones will contribute more than half of mobile phone shipments.

"This is a big improvement over last year's outlook, when it is expected to lead the smartphone was not until 2015," says senior analyst for wireless communications at IHS, Wayne Lam.

But over the last 12 months, said Lam, the many falling prices of smartphones, and more models available in the market, being hyper low-end smartphone sales in regions such as Asia Pacific, as well as midrange phones to hig-end in the United States and Europe.

"So solid expansion in smartphone shipments and market share this year will lead the handset for the first time., And double-digit shipment growth will continue through the next few years," he explained.

Xperia S Will So Latest Products Sony?


Xperia S Will So Latest Products Sony? - Sony will announce the expected latest Android smartphone at the IFA this year through 2012. In addition, in the event that in the title in Berlin, Germany, the Japan-based company was able to introduce the Xperia T.

According to recent rumors, Sony will launch the Xperia T in Europe, then followed other countries in the next few weeks. Thus quoted from Softpedia.

Meanwhile, the company will also launch a device with a version that is in North America and other regions. Where the newest devices will support 4G LTE network.

In this case, XperiaBlog just realized that Sony has gained trademark "Xperia S" in the United States, is likely to slide to the North American variant of Xperia T.

Although there has been no further confirmation from the company. Many parties hope to obtain further details about the device at the IFA 2012 event.

Week, Google "Attacked" 1.5 Million Book Content removal


Week, Google "Attacked" 1.5 Million Book Content removal - Total requests to remove content from Google by the copyright holder continues to increase. Even according to the report engine pecari transparency, Google received reports doubling of the copyright holders in the last month, 1.5 million.

Reported dair Telegraph, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), copyright holders have the right to demand that the website link removes content that violates their copyrights. One of the main beneficiaries are the copyright holder claims is Google.

Over the past four weeks, the number of requests to remove content that violates the copyright on the search engine Google is known to increase nearly 1.5 million URLs per week. Thus, in the same period, Google received a request from the copyright holders and anti-piracy agency to remove as much of the 5.7 URLs in the search engine results pecarinya.

It is known, in the past year, the URL removal request only on a weekly basis amounted to approximately 131 thousand, far fewer than the currently accepted Google that 1.5 million requests

Inventors Killed by Her findings

Inventors Killed by Her findings - Living an inventor is not easy because they have to find a good idea to solve the problem, in a way that has never been carried out by others. Some are successful, but there is also a fruitful tragedy.

Reporting from the Mother Nature Network, Wednesday (29/08/2012), previously mentioned three of the seven inventor whose life ended due to his findings. This is the fourth sequel.

1. Thomas Jr. Midgey.
This man is a chemist known as the discovery of a "no-knock" or gasoline with lead and freon gas. He had suffered from lead poisoning, had poured gasoline on hand mixed lead and breathe air from the flask containing gasoline it for 60 seconds to prove safety findings.

However, Midgley's death not caused by lead poisoning. He was killed by the other findings supporting the series of ropes to support himself while he was in bed affected by polio. He tangled rigging was on 2 November 1944 and suffocate to death.

2. Marie Curie
This woman was a physicist and chemist famous for his work on the theory of radioactivity. He also discovered the elements polonium and radium, once won two Nobel Prize for physics and chemistry.

Unfortunately, he unwittingly discovered radioactive fatal effects on human health. This woman died on the 4th of July! 934 due to aplastic anemia caused by exposure to radioactive.

3. Perillos of Athens
The inventor of this one may be the most appropriate killed by their own inventions when compared to other inventors on this list. Perillos is bronze craftsmen who lived in the ancient Rome and designed the Brazen Bull.

Brazen Bull was a bull-shaped device that is empty at its center and is used to execute criminals. Criminals locked up in the tool is then roasted to death by a fire lit underneath.

Perillos even designed the tool to make the villain screams burning in them to get out and be heard like the sound bull.

He demonstrated the device at a local tyrant named Phalaris. Later, he was put in a homemade device while under fire ignited.

4. Valerian Abakovsky
Abakovsky is a 26-year-old Russian inventor who died in the trial findings, Aerowagon high-speed rail engine. Abakovsky died with five others.

Aerowagon Abakovsky findings have an airplane engine and propeller. This tool is designed to transport Soviet officials to and from Moscow. Aerowagon worked well at the start of the trial, but off the track on the way back to the capital.

Collaboration MasterCard & eNett Encourage Innovative Payment Solutions

MasterCard & eNett

Collaboration MasterCard & eNett Encourage Innovative Payment Solutions - MasterCard Worldwide and eNett International signed a partnership agreement that provides innovative payment and reconciliation for the travel industry through the use of Virtual Account Number (vans). A partnership is intended to facilitate a high volume of global payments within 5 years and set MasterCard as the exclusive payment partner for all VAN eNett generated in Europe.

Through a press release received Okezone, eNett International, a Travelport joint venture is a global provider of specialized payment solutions for the travel industry. "ENett VAN has gained a great response in the European market and this partnership further strengthens confidence in the product as a travel payment solutions for B2B (business to business). We are very pleased to have the support of one of the drivers in the commercial payment system, "said Anthony Hynes, Managing Director and CEO of eNett International.

MasterCard European Strategic Alliances team saw an opportunity to VAN eNett obtained, where it can meet the needs of the travel industry for faster payment methods are more secure as well as provide increased payment for the reconciliation of invoices / bills. "Our business is very much in line" said Hany Fam, President of Strategic Alliances MasterCard.

"Innovation comes from eNett technical ability and intelligence, combined with the functions of networking and empowerment MasterCard, will be of great benefit to the global travel industry. Currently when there is pressure to reduce costs and increase revenue, new payment technologies and innovative as eNett VAN not only allows agents to focus on increasing revenue rather than administrative matters, these methods will reduce the risk and help the company to gain more of the valuable data they have, he said "

VAN stands for Virtual Account Number. Payments Platform eNett issued a 16-digit MasterCard VAN for specific values ​​or limits, in order to facilitate the payment to the supplier for a transaction or set of transactions. VAN act like MasterCard processed by the supplier at the time so it does not impact on their system.